4-Pin Trace with STM32F2 / STM32F4

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Configure required pins for trace output

1. Create a file for the device


* Configure pins to enable the trace port                            *

_WDWORD(0x40023830, 0x00000010); // Enable GPIOE clock
_WDWORD(0x40021000, 0x00002AA0); // Configure PE2, PE3, PE4, PE5, and PE6 as AF
_WDWORD(0xE0042004, 0x000000E0); // Set 4-pin tracing via DBGMCU_CR

2. Set the file as initialization file

  • Open the dialog "Options for Target - Debug".


  • Set the created file as Initialization File.

Configure µVision for ETM trace

  • Click Settings to open the "Target Driver Setup" dialog.
  • Click the Trace tab.


  • Set Enable and ETM Trace Enable.
  • Set Trace Port to "Sync Trace Port with 4-bit Data".
  • Start the debugging session and open an "Instruction Trace" window.

Sample project files