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This article describes device specifics of the Atmel SAML11 series devices.

Enable RAM execution

By default RAM execution is not allowed within SAM L11 devices and because of this by default no RAMCodes can be executed to erase or program FLASH. In this case only reading flash is possible. To enable RAM execution the RAM is eXecute Never (RXN) bit within User Row needs to be disabled. When connecting to the device with J-Flash the user will be asked in a message box if RAM execution shall be enabled with J-Link Commander the RAM execution will be enabled automatically. After confirming this request ATSAML11xxx can use the J-Link Ram Codes to erase and program Flash.

The message box can be disabled by checking the "Do not show this message again" check box. The selection will be saved in the registry key DontShowAgainUnlockSAML11, which is located in the registry path HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> SEGGER -> J-Link.

To re-enable the message box, the registry key "DontShowAgainUnlockSAML11" needs to be modified from 1 to 0.

SAML11 example project for Embedded Studio

  1. To start the project download and unzip the package (SAML11_ES_TestProject)