ATSAM Device Series

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Set Flash Security Bit

Most ATSAM series devices support securing Flash by writing to the NVMCTRL module. This can be achieved by using J-Link Commander or J-Flash(exit steps).

A ATSAM series device supports this feature if group configuration Set Security Bit or in short SSB is supported by the NVMCTRL. This information can be found in the corresponding user manual.

Example secure command with J-Link Commander

The following command sequence can be used to secure the following ATSAM devices:

  • ATSAMD20, SAMD21, SAMC21, SAMHA1, SAMR21, SAML21...

w4 0x41004000, 0xA545


w4 0x41004004, 0xA516

Unlock secured ATSAM devices

Unlocking ATSAM devices is supported with all devices that have a Device Service Unit or short DSU present. The unlock process will then be handled automatically by J-Link when trying to connect to the device.