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In order to use J-Link with Atmel Studio, usually it is not necessary to separately install the J-Link software and documentation package. Anyhow, we recommend to make sure that the latest version of the J-Link software is installed and the DLL in Atmel Studio is updated to the latest version. Atmel Studio comes with a lot sample projects for various eval boards.

Using an Atmel Studio project with J-Link

The following steps explain how to configure a project to be used with J-Link.

  • Open the project to configure
  • Click Project | Properties from the main menu
  • Click the Tool tab and select J-Link
  • Make sure that the appropriate target interface (JTAG / SWD / ...) is selected
  • Make sure that a proper target interface speed is selected (4 MHz works for almost all Cortex-M based targets and leads to good performance)

Atmel Studio Tutorial 1.png

  • Click Build | Build Solution from the main menu
  • In order to start a debug session, click Start Debugging and Break.

Atmel Studio Tutorial 2.png

  • Now the project is ready to be debugged with J-Link / J-Trace.

Atmel Studio Tutorial 3.png