Automated Tests with Ozone

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Ozone features an advanced Scripting interface which can be used for automated tests as well. A simple example of such a setup will be shown in the following article. This can then be used as baseline to e.g. export Code Profile or Instruction Trace reports.

Example Setup Requirements

For the automated test example that will be shown in this article the following minimum requirements must be met:

  • J-Link software V6.30h or later
  • Ozone V2.56f or later
  • Any J-Link/J-Trace model (Base or higher) that can be used with Ozone
  • SEGGER Cortex-M Trace Reference Board with a STM32F407 target device

Example project

The following sample project is designed to be used with J-Link/J-Trace and Ozone to demonstrate automation with Ozone. The project has been tested with the minimum requirements mentioned above and a Cortex-M Trace Reference Board. The sample project comes with a pre-configured project file for Ozone that runs out-of-the box. In order to rebuild the sample project, SEGGER Embedded Studio can be used. The example project can be downloaded here:

The following steps will be executed in the example:

  1. Load test application
  2. Set a breakpoint
  3. Run to the breakpoint
  4. Execute a function that has been set to run when breakpoint is hit
  5. Close Ozone

Note: This is only an example test automation and it can be adjusted to individual needs using the extensive scripting interface of Ozone. More information can be found in the Ozone user manual.