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micro:bit V2

The BBC micro:bit is an educational evaluation board series published by BBC. It comes with a Nordic Semiconductor nRF CPU and an on board debug probe. As for now, there are two versions of this board available.

J-Link Support

The on board debug probe can be upgraded to a J-Link OB which comes with the following features:

  • Fully compatible with the J-Link features
  • Enables full featured development with SEGGER Embedded Studio IDE
  • Enables the use of a range of IDEs (all IDEs supporting J-Link)
  • Maintains support of HEX file Drag and Drop
  • Getting started Demo project for Embedded Studio available

Upgrade to J-Link OB

A detailed description of how to upgrade the DAP.Link to a J-Link can be found here:

Hardware versions

There are different hardware versions of the micro:bit available.

BBC micro:bit V1

micro:bit V1
  • Target MCU: Nordic Semiconductor nRF51 (16 MHz Cortex-M0+)
  • RESET button
  • Power indicator LED
  • 5x5 LED indicator matrix
  • Power conenctor
  • BLE Antenna
  • Pin interface
  • Compass
  • Accelometer
  • Pin interface

BBC micro:bit V2

micro:bit V2

The BBC micro:bit V2 comes with all features and a different target CPU compared to the micro:bit V1.

  • Target MCU: Nordic Semiconductor nRF52 (64 MHz Cortex-M4)
  • Additional feature: Speaker
  • Additional feature: Microphone