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This article describes specifics for using J-Link with the Black Pill board. The Black Pill board is based on a ST STM32F103. It is an Arduino nano like board and similar to the Blue Pill board. The board does not come with a standard debug connector but with 4 pins which can be used to connect the J-Link to the MCU.

Preparing for J-Link

The Blue Pill board does not come with a standard debug connector but populates the debug JTAG signals on a 4 header that can be found on the opposite of the USB interface. It has to be wired manually for the use with J-Link.

The following guide will describe how the Blue Pill can be connected to your J-Link.

Minimum requirements

  • Any current J-Link model.
  • J-Link software V6.61a or later

Connection setup

Connect the board with e.g. jumper wires to your J-Link probe. The following table shows how the signals should be connected on both the board and J-Link side.

J-Link 20 pin debug interface Pin on Black Pill board
Pin 1 (VTref) 3V3
Pin 4 (GND) GND
Pin 15 (nRESET) RST/RESET (J3 - Pin 17)

The connection setup should look similar to this example:


Note: Because of the state the board is shipped with, a connect under reset will be necessary. Therefore the RESET/RST pin has to be connected to the J-Link.

Connection verification

  • Power the board via the USB port.
  • Verify the Connection with e.g. J-Link Commander. The output should look as follows:

Black Pill Connect.PNG

Example project for SEGGER Embedded Studio

The following, simple "Hello World" example project was created with the SEGGER Embedded Studio project wizard and runs out-of-the-box on the Black Pill board.

Hello World sample

Minimum requirements

  • Any current J-Link model.
  • Embedded Studio Version 4.42 or later