Bluefruit LE UART Friend

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How to connect a J-Link to the Adafruit Bluefruit LE UART Friend

  1. Solder the enclosed pin headers to your Bluefruit board.
  2. Connect a external power supply to the GND pin for ground and 5 V to the VIN pin.
  3. Power the board. Now the red LED should blink regularly. If not check your wiring.
  4. Turn off the power supply and flip the board. There you will find SWD test points.
  5. Connect them to your J-Link the following way:
  6. Turn the power supply on again.
  7. Open J-Link Commander and type *connect* , as the target device select *NRF51822_XXAA*, target interface is *SWD*, target interface speed leave default and press enter. Now you should be connected to your Bluefruit target device.
Successfull J-Link connection