Cannot update firmware of Flasher Portable

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SEGGER has determined that a very small percentage of Flasher Portable V1 may have been shipped with an faulty firmware which does not not work correctly. Unfortunately, the firmware of the affected Flasher Portables cannot be updated automatically through the ordinary update process but needs to be updated manually by the customer. The manual firmware update procedure needs to be performed once (see step-by-step instruction below). After the firmware has been successfully updated, the Flasher Portable operates as usual (FW update through the J-Link software can be triggered, etc...).

Check if you Flasher Portable is affected

If your Flasher Portable is affected by this can be tested as follows:

  1. Connect the Flasher Portable via USB to the PC
  2. Start J-Link Commander (JLink.exe)
  3. Check the firmware string (see screenshot below)

If the following firmware string is shown, your Flasher Portable is affected:

WIKI FlasherPortable Inoccr.png

Update Flasher Portable firmware manually

If your Flasher Portable is affected, please follow the step-by-step sequence below to update the Flasher Portable firmware manually. Please note that this sequence needs to be performed once, only.

  1. Hold the PROG button while connecting the Flasher via USB to the PC in order to boot in file access mode
  2. Copy the FIRMWARE.BIN file from the following link to the drive of the Flasher: FIRMWARE.bin
  3. Disconnect the Flasher from the PC
  4. Connect the Flasher to the PC via USB (PROG button *not* pressed)
  5. The green and the red LED should turn on
  6. After about 10 seconds, the red LED should turn OFF and the green should stay ON indicating the the upgrade was successful