CoreLink SSE-200 Subsystem for MPS3

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The ARM CoreLink SSE-200 is a prototyping platform from ARM that allows prototyping of Cortex-M33 based devices on the ARM MPS3 board. It incorporates a dual-core Cortex-M33, lots of internal RAM (> 2 MiB) and QSPI flash.

J-Link support

J-Link supports the ARM CoreLink SSE-200 prototyping platform since the following J-Link software versions:

Core topology

The cores are named as follows:

Core name Description
Cortex-M33 (core 0) Main core that device boots from by default
Cortex-M33 (core 1) Secondary core that is not booted by default on reset release

J-Link device selection

The following device names are available for J-Link:

Device name Function
SSE-200-MPS3 Connects to core 0
SSE-200-MPS3_M33_0 Connects to core 0
SSE-200-MPS3_M33_1 Connects to core 1. Core 1 is enabled (released from reset) automatically by J-Link, if necessary

Example projects

There are sample projects available that demonstrate how to use J-Link with the ARM CoreLink SSE-200 prototyping platform.

SEGGER Embedded Studio (multi-core)

The sample project for SEGGER Embedded Studio is a RAM based project and also demonstrates multi-core debugging. The sample is actually split into 2 projects:


Loaded into internal SRAM and executed by core 0. Controls LED1 and LED2 on the MPS3 board. LED1 is always toggled, LED2 is toggled as long as core 1 is running its application and sending commands to core 0


Loaded into internal SRAM and executed by core 1. Sends commands to core 0 that instruct the main application to toggle LED2


  • Start SEGGER Embedded Studio twice
  • Open ARM_SSE-200-MPS3_MPS3_LEDBlinkCore0_ES and ARM_SSE-200-MPS3_MPS3_LEDBlinkCore1_ES accordingly
  • Start debug session with project for core 0
  • Let CPU run as soon as main() has hit
  • Start debug session with project for core 1
  • Let CPU run as soon as main() has hit
  • LED1 and LED2 will blink
  • Now halt core 1 (issue halt request in debug session for core 1)
  • LED2 stops blinking, LED1 continues to blink


The following are the min. requirements to run the example project:

  • SEGGER Embedded Studio V3.40 or later
  • J-Link software V6.33h or later. (Install after Embedded Studio and let J-Link installer update the Embedded Studio installation)
  • ARM MPS3 board