Cypress Traveo II device family

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This article describes device specifics of the Cypress Traveo II device family.

Read Work Flash

Reading from work flash that is still in erased state will result in an error message, because of the nature of differential flash. Normal usage of work flash is as follows:

  1. Erase entire sector.
  2. Program word(s).
  3. Read 32-bit word.

Flash breakpoints

For Cypress Traveo II series devices the flash breakpoint feature may lead to hard-faults. This is due to the reason that it is mandatory to activate interrupts for flash programming on these devices. As a result interrupts like Systick timer can disrupt the flash programming routine and try to access flash areas themselves, which can lead to hard-faults.

Flash programming with M4 core

Currently, when using the Cortex-M4, flash programming with J-Flash is not possible. Programming with the J-Link Commander utility is however possible.

Sub families

The Traveo II device family has the following sub families: