DA14583 series

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The Dialog Semiconductor DA14583 is a low power Bluetooth device, based on the Cortex-M0 core.

Reset pin

The Dialog Semiconductor DA14583 series devices have a reset pin called RST. In contrast to almost all other devices supported by J-Link, the RST pin on this series is an active HIGH pin. Usually reset pin is active LOW. By hardware design, the reset pin on J-Link is also active LOW. In order to use J-Link with the DA14583 series devices, please make sure that RST of the target device is not connected to the reset pin controlled by J-Link or make sure that an inverter is between. Not doing so may result in J-Link being unable to establish a connection to the core.

As J-Link usually uses the AIRCR register of the Cortex-M cores to issue a reset via software and the DA14583 is a Cortex-M0 based device, the RST pin of this device is usually not needed by J-Link to do proper debugging.