Dual Core Debugging with Ozone

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This article describes how to setup dual core debugging with Ozone the J-Link debugger.

Required soft- and hardware

The sample project has been tested with the following components:

  • J-Link
  • Arrow LPC-4350-DB1 Rev.B evaluation board
  • J-Link software version V6.32g or later
  • SEGGER Embedded Studio V3.40
  • Ozone V2.56s

Running the sample project

The Cortex-M4 simply sends a defined command to the Cortex-M0 using shared memory and waits for the response before it resumes execution. The Cortex-M0 waits for command reception from the Cortex-M4 and simply sends back a "received-response" using shared memory.

To run the sample project at first open the project Ozone_Multicore_LPC4350_CM4.jdebug with Ozone and start a debug session. Then open a second instance of Ozone with the project Ozone_Multicore_LPC4350_CM0.jdebug and start the debug session. Now you can independently run, halt and step both cores. Please note that starting the Cortex-M4 will issue a system reset and affect both cores, so the Cortex-M4 always has to be started before the Cortex-M0.

Included files

Filename Content
Readme.txt Readme file with instructions for debugging
LPC4350_CortexM0_SES\LPC4350_CortexM0_SES.emProject Cortex M0 core project file
LPC4350_CortexM0_SES\Src\* Cortex M0 core project source files
LPC4350_CortexM4_SES\LPC4350_CortexM4_SES.emProject Cortex M4 core project file
LPC4350_CortexM4_SES\Src\* Cortex M4 core project source files
Ozone_Multicore_LPC4350_CM0.jdebug Cortex M0 Ozone project
Ozone_Multicore_LPC4350_CM4.jdebug Cortex M4 Ozone project

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