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How to connect an external J-Link

Problem description

By default, the Silicon Labs EFM starter kits are configured to only be debugged via the J-Link-OB on the kits. In case an external J-Link shall be used for debugging the target device on the kit, the OB on the kit needs to be reconfigured via utilities from Silicon Labs, to allow an external probe to connect.


In the following it is described how to configure a J-Link-OB on these kits to allow an external probe to connect to the target device:

  • Make sure that Simplicity Studio from Silicon Labs is installed
  • Connect the J-Link-OB on the kit to the host PC via USB
  • Start Simplicity Studio
  • Make sure that the Kit Manager is installed
    SimplicityStudio InstallKitManager 1.png
    SimplicityStudio InstallKitManager 2.png

  • Start the Kit Manager
    SimplicityStudio ReconfigOB 1.png

  • Select Debug Mode == In
    SimplicityStudio ReconfigOB 2.png