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ThunderBench ARM / Cortex is an Eclipse based IDE for ARM/Cortex Cores, using a GCC Compiler.

ThunderBench ARM / Cortex supports ARM Cortex-M, Cortex-A, Cortex-R as well as legacy ARM7/9/11 targets. Since ThunderBench uses the J-Link GDB Server, the J-Link built-in flash loaders which are highly optimized for flash programming, are used automatically. It also allows making use of the J-Link "unlimited number of breakpoints when debugging in flash" feature.

Using a ThunderBench Project With J-Link

The following steps explain how to configure a project to be used with J-Link. To open a sample project and start debugging with J-Link follow the instructions below (Internet connection needed):

  • Open the project to configure
  • Click on Debugger | Add JTAG probe to project... from the main menu
  • In the upcoming prompt, choose jlink as JTAG Probe and click Setup Debugger Now

Emprog Thunderbench Tutorial 1.png

  • Select Debugger | Start/Restart GDB Server | jlink
  • The SEGGER J-Link GDB Server config dialog pops up where the following debug options has to be specified
  1. Target device
  2. Target interface (SWD, JTAG, ...)
  3. Target interface speed (fixed 4000 kHz is suitable for most targets and leads to good performance)

Emprog Thunderbench Tutorial 2.png

Now the project is ready to be debugged with J-Link.

Emprog Thunderbench Tutorial 3.png