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Enable J-Link Log File

Software which uses the J-Link DLL to include J-Link support (e.g. IDEs), can implement an option to specify a J-Link log file. As this is no must, the J-Link log file can also be set / overwritten using the J-Link Control Panel. This allows to create a log file independent of the used software. Please note, right now the J-Link Control Panel is available in the windows software package, only.

Following steps needs to be done to configure the J-Link log file using the J-Link Control Panel:

  1. Open the J-Link Commander
  2. Click the small green J-Link icon in the windows task bar
  3. Switch to the Settings tab in the J-Link Control Panel
  4. Check the Override checkbox in the Log file section and specify a path to the log file
  5. Close the J-Link Commander
  6. From now, any J-Link DLL based application uses the J-Link log file override

The override option can be used in any application to create the J-Link log file as it is a global override.

J-Link Commander

The J-Link logfile can be enabled by passing the -Log <Path> command via command line option to the J-Link Commander.

J-Link GDB Server

The J-Link logfile can be enabled by passing the -log <Path> command via command line option to the J-Link GDB Server.


J-Flash --> Options --> Global settings... --> Enable J-Link logfile

WIKI JFlash JLinkLogFile.png


The J-Link log file can be enabled using the User Actions function int Project.SetJLinkLogFile(const char* FileName);. We recommend to add this function call in the OnProjectLoad() project function. For further information regarding this, please refer to the Ozone User Manual (UM08025).

Embedded Studio

In Embedded Studio the J-Link log file can be simply set through the project settings under: Project->Edit Options...->Debug->J-Link->Log File

ES EnableLog File.PNG


Open the project options Project --> Options and switch to the J-Link / J-Trace --> Connection tab. Check the Log communication checkbox and enter a path as in the screenshot below. EnableJLinkLog IAR EWARM.png