Flashing Infineon PSoC Creator output data files with J-Flash

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To be able to flash the Infineon PSoC Creator data files e.g. .hex with J-Flash they first need to be modified.


Depending on your project settings the Infineon PSoC Creator will add different kinds of information for their internal flash loader at virtual addresses that do not exist on the target devices. They are then located at the end of the ouput file at for example at 0x9030 0000 - 0x9030 0001. This information is only needed for the IDE's flash loader and has no use to J-Flash. If you try to flash that file with J-Flash you will get an error message that the selected data does not fit into the selected flash sectors.

Examples for these extra sections are:


More information can be found in the Infineon PSoC Creator user guide.


The following example shows how to edit a data file that has CHECKSUM enabled with 2 bytes of information stored. For other sections adjust the address ranges accordingly.

  1. Open the data file with J-Flash
  2. Select Edit->Delete Range...
  3. Enter Start:0x9030 0000 End: 0x9030 0001
  4. Press OK and save the edited data file

You should now be able to program the file successfully.

Alternative via CL

To delete the unwanted range via command line the following can be used:

JFlash.exe -openprj"C:\Work\SampleProject.jflash" -open"C:\Work\PSocOutput.hex" -delrange0x90300000,0x90300001 -auto