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Infineon DAVE 4 is a free IDE, based on Eclipse, for Infineon XMC devices. Infineon DAVE comes with built-in J-Link GDB Server support.

Note: J-Link GDB Server is part of the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack and can be used free of charge.

Getting started


When installing Infineon DAVE 4 IDE, make sure to check SEGGER J-Link ... under Custom Setup.
DAVE4 InstallJLink.png
Other than that, please refer to the DAVE-4[...].pdf provided by Infineon within the DAVE installation package to installing the IDE.
DAVE4 InstallationPDF.png

Using an Existing Project With J-Link

  • Build the DAVE project that should be used with J-Link:

DAVE4 BuildProject.png

  • Navigate to Debug Configurations by clicking the arrow next to the bug symbol:

DAVE4 FindDebugConfigs.png

  • Double-click GDB SEGGER J-Link Debugging. This will create a new debug configuration:

DAVE4 DebugConfs.png

  • Select the newly created debug configuration and select the Debugger tab:

DAVE4 DebuggerOpt.png

  • Make sure that the correct Device name is set.
  • Make sure that the correct Endianness is set. Most Infineon devices use Little Endian.
  • Make sure that the correct Interface is set. Most Infineon devices use SWD for the target interface.
  • If necessary, click Apply.
  • Click Debug to start debugging the target application.