Infineon MB9BF121J

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Internal Flash

64KB (8KBx8)

Supported Regions

0x0000_0000 - 0x0000_FFF7 (Program Flash)
0x0010_0004 - 0x0010_0007 (CR-Trimming Word)

CR Trimming Word

Pay special attention to the CR-Trimming Word!
Erasing the last 8KB Block also erases the CR-Trimming Word!
Erasing the CR-Trimming Word only, also erases last 8KB Block!

If the last 8kB block is used or a CHIP-erase is executed, the CR-trimming should be read out beforehand and reprogrammed again later on

This process can be automated as follows:

JFlash.exe -openprjc:\temp\mb9t.jflash -readchip -delrange0x0,0xFFF7 -saveasC:\Temp\Trim.mot -openC:\temp\userData.mot -delrange0x100004,0x100008 -mergeC:\Temp\Trim.mot -auto -exit

Make sure that the paths and filenames are customized according to your needs


To keep your Trimming data, you may not use ChipErase in Standalone Mode. (Use "erase selected sectors" instead.) You may also not use the upper 8KB Bank.