Infineon TLE987x

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The Infineon TLE987x series is a 3-phase bridge driver IC, incorporating an ARM Cortex-M3 core.

J-Link support

J-Link supports the Infineon TLE987x series devices. Download latest release

J-Link device selection in IDE

The device selection is mandatory to make sure that J-Link applies the correct connect and reset sequences to the TLE 987x series devices. By selecting "generic Cortex-M3" correct functionality cannot be guaranteed. This is mainly because the TLE987x series need a special connect sequence that makes sure that TCK/SWCLK and TMS/SWDIO are sampled with the correct values after reset, to enable the debug interface (JTAG/SWD).

Device readout protection

Once the readout protection of the device has been activated, it cannot be unprotected via the debug interface (JTAG/SWD) anymore. J-Link can still access the debug registers but not more. It is no longer possible to access any other memory through the debug interface or to issue halt requests etc. to the core (they will be ignored)

Low power modes

It is recommended to not enter low power modes during debug because this will lead to a connection loss. It is also recommended to wait at least 20ms after reset release before entering a low power mode. Otherwise J-Link may be unable to gain control over a already programmed device that is running a software that enters low power modes (which effectively disables debug access)

Reset pin

It is mandatory to connect the reset pin of the device to the J-Link debug connector. J-Link needs to be able to control the reset pin. Otherwise a proper connection to the device cannot be guaranteed.

Reset strategies

J-Link will always perform a reset of the core + peripherals via the AIRCR register and the reset pin. All other reset strategies that may be selectable in the IDE are ignored and will result in this reset strategy.