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This article describes specifics of the J-Link OB CortexM (See https://www.segger.com/products/debug-probes/j-link/models/j-link-ob/#model-overview-supported-cores).

Hardware Features

Feature Supported
USB 2.0 Full Speed YES.png
JTAG interface YES.png
cJTAG interface YES.png
cJTAG interface without/buggy KEEPER logic YES.png
SWD interface YES.png
SWO interface YES.png
ETB Trace Cortex-M YES.png
Memory Stop mode support YES.png
SWD Multi-Drop YES.png
CMSIS-DAP V1 (HID) mode YES.png (since V7.92i)
CoreSight SoC-400 YES.png
CoreSight SoC-600 YES.png

Drag and drop programming support

This J-Link OB model optionally supports the drag & drop programming feature. For more information about host OS specifics, potential limitations, ... please refer to the drag and drop programming wiki article.

Drag and drop fails under macOS Ventura

Starting with macOS Ventura, file download via drag & drop could fail with macOS error code 100093. This was caused by a change in behavior of macOS, introduced with that version.
Fixed in J-Link OB firmware that comes with J-Link software V7.82b and later.

SN 900031732 to 900032331

These J-Link OB have been mounted on eval boards from Ambiq Micro and some of these report no virtual COM port (VCOM) by accident.

An in-field fix has been implemented V7.66g and later.

How to apply the fix:

  • Start J-Link Commander
  • If this message is shown, one of the "buggy" OBs has been detected and corrected:
    JLink-OB-K22-CortexM 900031732 to 900032331 AutoCorrect.png
  • Power-cycle the J-Link OB (unplug and re-plug USB connector of eval board)
  • Now the J-Link OB will also expose a virtual COM port (COM port number from screenshot below may differ):
    JLink-OB-K22-CortexM 900031732 to 900032331 VCOMPort.png