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The SWO Analyzer (SWOAnalyzer.exe) is a command line tool that can be downloaded as part of the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack. It analyzes SWO output provided by a SWO output file. Status and summary of the analysis are output to standard out, the details of the analysis are stored in a file.


To use the SWO Analyzer, it has to be called like the following:

SWOAnalyzer.exe <SWOfile>

This can be achieved by simply dragging the SWO output file created by the J-Link DLL onto the executable.

Creating an SWO output file

In order to create the SWO output file, which is the input file for the SWO Analyzer, the J-Link config file needs to be modified. It should contain the following lines:


Where <SWOFile> is the desired output location.
Note: If <SWOFile>'s path or the SWO Analyzer's log file path are write protected, the user would have to call the SWOAnalyzer/the DLL application with elevated permissions.