J-Link on Windows ARM

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This article describes how J-Link can be used with host systems running Windows ARM64.


The following is required to use J-Link / J-Trace under Windows ARM64:

  • J-Link software V7.60 or later (Download and install 64-bit Windows ARM installer)
  • When using USB: A J-Link model and hardware version that supports WinUSB driver selection. Model overview
If a particular model does not list the WinUSB feature it must be assumed as not supported by this model.
In case of doubt, please get in touch with SEGGER.
  • Connecting via IP is possible with any J-Link model


For historical reasons, most J-Link units use the SEGGER USB driver by default. These models need to be configured to use WinUSB to make them working under Windows ARM64.

Configuring of these probes is done via J-Link Configurator:

  1. Connect the J-Link to a machine that is running an operating system other than Windows ARM64
    • This can be a machine running Windows x64, Windows i386, macOS x64, macOS M1, Linux i386, Linux x64, Linux arm, Linux arm64, etc...
  2. Make sure the most recent version of the J-Link software package is installed
  3. Start the J-Link Configurator
  4. Make sure that the J-Link firmware is up-to-date by right-clicking it in the overview and selecting "Update firmware"
    JLinkConfig FWUpdate.png
  5. Open the configuration dialog (right click on the unit -> Configure)
  6. Under USB Driver (Windows) select WinUSB
    JLinkConfig USBDrv.png
  7. Click OK
  8. Exit J-Link Configurator
  9. Disconnect the unit from the machine
  10. Connect the unit via USB to the Windows ARM64 machine
  11. Make sure the most recent version of the J-Link software package is installed
  12. The J-Link software running on Windows ARM64 will now be able to recognize and communicate with the unit via USB