J-Link software versioning

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The versioning of the J-Link software follows a specific scheme that is explained here.


A version number of a J-Link software consists of the following components:

VM.mmp (e.g. V6.34a)

Component Meaning
V Means "version"
M Major version number.
mm 2-digit minor version number. Even numbers indicate releases, odd numbers indicate beta versions. Example: V6.34 (release), V6.35a (beta)
p Patch level. Letter from 'a' to 'z'. Omitted for release versions if this is the first (unpatched) release.


  • V6.34 (full release)
  • V6.34a (Patched release. Same code base as V6.34, only specific bugs fixed)
  • V6.34b (Patched release. Same code base as V6.34a, only specific bugs fixed)
  • V6.35a (Beta version)
  • V6.35b (Beta version. There may be major differences in the code base from V6.35a)

Beta specifics

  • Version number always includes a patch level.
  • Beta versions are primarily there to introduce new features between the release cycles

Release specifics

  • Patched releases are versions that are build from the same code base as the previous patched / full release with only specific bugs being fixed.
  • There are no new features added in patched releases, only in beta versions and full releases.