J-Trace vs. J-Trace PRO

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We often get asked what the benefits are upgrading from a older J-Trace CM (SN starting with 20) to a J-Trace PRO Cortex-M and J-Trace PRO Cortex (SN starting with 75 and 93). The following list shows the improvements over the older J-Trace model:

  • Supports streaming trace, enabling live trace features like live code coverage, code profiling and execution counters.
  • Comes with a free Ozone debugger license.
  • Comes with a free J-Flash license.
  • Higher maximum debug interface speed for SWD/JTAG, 50 MHz instead of 25 MHz.
  • Faster maximum Traceclock supported (150 MHz) for even the fastest target devices.
  • Native SEGGER RTT support.
  • Ethernet interface for easier remote access to J-Trace through a network.
  • USB3.0 interface for very fast transfer speeds to host PC for trace analysis.
  • Adjustable trace clock sampling timing to be able to trace target devices and hardware designs that are running out of Arm trace specification.
  • Tracing on Cortex-A, -R additionally to Cortex-M supported on the J-Trace PRO Cortex.
  • Making use of all debug features offered by Ozone.
  • Faster maximum supported SWO clock speed, 100 MHz instead of 6 MHz.
  • Can be used as license dongle for products like Embedded Studio and SystemView.

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