Kinetis KE1xZ 48 MHz series

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The NXP Kinetis KE1xZ 48 MHz series is designed for white goods and industrial applications. It incorporates an ARM Cortex-M0+ core.

J-Link support

The KE14Z32, KE14Z64, KE15Z32, KE15Z64, KE16Z32, KE16Z64 are supported since the following J-Link software versions:

Watchdog support

Debugging and flash programming with the watchdog (WDOG) being enabled (in non-windowed mode) is supported. Windowed mode of the watchdog is not supported for debugging and flash programming.

MTB trace

The KE1xZ 48 MHz series devices incorporate an ARM MTB on-chip trace buffer that allows instruction backtrace. For more information about MTB in general, please refer to here: Article MTB.

Example projects

MTB Trace


The following are the min. requirements to run the example project:

  • SEGGER Embedded Studio V3.52 or later
  • J-Link software V6.36 or later. (Install after Embedded Studio and let J-Link installer update the Embedded Studio installation)
  • Board: FRDM-KE16Z