LPCXpresso54608 Eval

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NXP LPCXpresso54608 Eval

The NXP LPCXpresso54608 Eval is an evaluation board for the LPC54608J512 (Cortex-M4) device.


SWO for all LPC546xx devices is supported out-of-the-box. Please refer to LPC546xx

SWO Pin used

On the PCXpresso54608 Eval, PIO0_10 has been wired by NXP as SWO output pin.

Sample projects


  • J-Link V10 (or higher) / J-Trace Pro
  • Embedded Studio for ARM V5.10b or higher (for the ES sample)
  • IAR EWARM V8.40A (for the IAR project)

Project files

The following sample projects that demonstrate SWO on the LPCXpresso54608 Eval are available:

Envedded Studio

This example project does not require any extra settings by the user. The SWO stream can be viewed from within Embedded Studio, or with e.g. J-Link SWO Viewer which is included in the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack and is available for free. This project has been created with Embedded Studio for ARM V5.10b.


Note: IAR sets the SWO base clock to be CPUClock/2, therefore the project setting "CPU clock" must be set to CPUClock/2. Any other value will not output the SWO printf stream.