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Mentor Sourcery CodeBench is an Eclipse based IDE for ARM, IA32, MIPS and PowerPC architectures, using an modified GNU Compiler (GCC).

For a list of all supported architectures / cores, please refer to the website of Mentor Graphics. CodeBench is available for Windows and Linux. To use CodeBench with J-Link, J-Link Software and Documentation package needs to be installed. We recommend to make sure that the latest version of the J-Link software is installed.

How to Use J-Link in a Project

In order to use J-Link with an existing CodeBench Project, the following steps need to be processed:

  • Project in CodeBench.
  • Click Run | Debug Configurations...
  • If no debug configuration is available, one needs to be created by double clicking CodeBench Debug
  • In the debug configuration:
    • In the tab Main:
      • Make sure that the parameter given in C/C++ Application is correct
  • In the tab Debugger
    • Select J-Link as Debug Interface
    • Make sure the parameter given in Device is correct.
  • Press Apply

Mentor Sourcery CodeBench Tutorial 1.png

  • The debug session can now be started by clicking Run | Debug

Now the project is ready to be debugged with J-Link / J-Trace.

Mentor Sourcery CodeBench Tutorial 2.png