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The Xilinx MicroZed is a complete development kit for the Xilinx Zynq7000 SoC. The Xilinx Zynq7000 is a high-end SoC which incorporates a dual core Cortex-A9 (2x Cortex-A9) and programmable FPGA logic on-chip.

J-Link support

J-Link supports the Xilinx Zynq7000 series devices. Download latest release

J-Link device selection in J-Link Commander

Please note that for the device selection in J-Link Commander, quotes are needed around the device name (as shown in the screenshot below). This is due to the nature of the Zynq7000 device names, containing spaces. Apart from that, there is nothing special to be taken care of.

Note: The device selection is mandatory to make sure that J-Link applies the correct connect and reset sequences to the Zynq 7000 series devices. By selecting "generic Cortex-A9" correct functionality cannot be guaranteed.

Xilinx MicroZed

Board connection

The MicroZed provides a Xilinx specific 14-pin debug connector. In order to connect J-Link to this board, the J-Link Xilinx adapter is needed.

Note: For the 1st connection we recommend to not insert any microSD card to make sure that no potentially problematic application is booted by the Zynq device. Problematic applications can be ones that enter low power states that make the core non-responsive to debug requests from J-Link.

Note: VTref shown in J-Link Commander should be 2.85V - 3.0V. If it is significantly lower, a wiring problem is likely.

Jumper settings

The MicroZed has been tested with the following jumper settings on the board. Other jumper settings have not been tested and are not guaranteed to function properly for debug.

Jumper name Position
JP1 1-2
JP2 1-2
JP3 2-3
Debug header
Avnet MicroZed