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Using a Microchip MPLAB X Project With J-Link

In order to get started with J-Link and MPLAB X by Microchip install the latest SEGGER software and documentation pack. Please verify that your J-Link software is up to date. For detailed instructions on how to install and use MPLAB X, please refer to the MPLAB X wiki and the getting started with J-Link guide by Microchip.

  • Open Tools | Plugins
  • Select the Available Plugins tab
  • Press Reload Catalog
  • Install the SEGGER JLink Probe plugin
  • After restarting the IDE, the SEGGER JLink Probe plugin will shop up in the Installed tab, as shown below

Microchip MPLAB X Tutorial 1.png

  • Make sure the SEGGER JLink Probe plugin is marked as active
  • Open the Project Properties by selecting Properties in the contexmenu of your project, or by opening File | Project Properties.
  • In the Project Properties, select SEGGER J-Link as used Hardware Tool, and press Apply.

Microchip MPLAB X Tutorial 2.png

  • Now the project is ready to be debugged with J-Link.

Microchip MPLAB X Tutorial 3.png