Multiple J-Links at the same PC

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It is possible to have multiple J-Links connected to the same PC. For the IP/Ethernet based models (J-Link PRO, Flasher PRO, ...) this is pretty clear, but it is also possible for the USB-only based models.

General behavior

When having multiple J-Links connected to the same PC via USB and no specific J-Link is specified to connect to, by default the following dialog pops up, allowing to select a J-Link to connect to: JLINK MultJLinkSelDialog.png

Connecting to a specific J-Link

A J-Link is identified by its serial number (S/N), so in order to connect to a specific J-Link, the S/N needs to be specified, to avoid the selection dialog to pop up. How the S/N is specified depends on the IDE / environment in which J-Link is used. In the following, the specification for different IDEs / environments is listed: