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How to use an external debug probe with Nucleo board

Some ST Nucleo boards can be connected to an external debug probe like J-Link. To do this check the schematics to see if the debug signals are routed to the Extension Connectors. These can then be connected with e.g. jumper wires to the J-Link debug interface.

In case of the NUCLEO-F070RB the wiring is as follows:

Nucleo Pin (Connector/Pin) J-Link debug signal (Pin)
GND (CN7_8) GND (4)
+3V3 (CN7_16) VTref (1)
PA13 (CN7_13) SWDIO (7)
PA14 (CN7_15) SWCLK (9)
RESET (CN7_14) RESET (15)

To make sure the on board ST-Link does not interfere with your probe additionally disconnect the two jumpers on CN2.