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Updating J-Link under NXP KDS (Linux)

Before proceeding please check which Linux (32 or 64 bits) you are using ($ uname -m) and install the according SEGGER J-Link package:

Once you have the latest J-Link installation open a terminal/console and check that your J-Link installation can be found under /opt/SEGGER/

$ anybody@ubuntu:/$ ls -l /opt/SEGGER/
total 4
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   23 Mar 27 09:39 JLink -> /opt/SEGGER/JLink_V645c
drwxr-xr-x 8 root root 4096 Mar 29 00:56 JLink_V645c

Assuming that you installed KDS under the default directory. Create a backup from the provided J-link tools from the IDE (in case you which to restore it later).

$ sudo mv /opt/Freescale/KDS_v3/segger /opt/Freescale/KDS_v3/segger_backup
$ sudo mkdir /opt/Freescale/KDS_v3/segger

Create a soft symlink to the latest SEGGER J-Link installation under KDS installation directory.

$ sudo ln -s /opt/SEGGER/JLink/* /opt/Freescale/KDS_v3/segger

Change/Create link for compatibility with new J-Link installation

$ sudo ln -s /opt/Freescale/KDS_v3/segger/JLinkGDBServerCLExe /opt/Freescale/KDS_v3/segger/JLinkGDBServerCL

Check that under /opt/Freescale/KDS_v3/segger you should see something like this:

$Symlink Jlink Linux.jpg

Checking that KDS is using the provided J-Link version

$ KDS linux jlink update.jpg

Note: from now on if you wish to use the latest version J-Link you won't need to repeat the above steps. As the /opt/SEGGER/J-Link symlink will be updated by the installer automatically.

Thats it! You are all set to use the latest Segger Jlink under KDS(Linux).

Restore to KDS provided J-Link version

If you wish to retrieve to the KDS provided Jlink version simply remove the link to the directory and restore the backup folder.

$ sudo rm -r /opt/Freescale/KDS_v3/segger
$ sudo mv /opt/Freescale/KDS_v3/segger_backup /opt/Freescale/KDS_v3/segger