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OKdo E1 evaluation board

This article describes specifics for the OKdo E1 evaluation board, with an NXP LPC55S69JBD100 target MCU.

Minimum requirements

  • J-Link software V6.80b or later
  • Embedded Studio V4.52c (for the example project)
  • J-Link V10 or later / J-Trace PRO V1 or later

Preparing for J-Link

To make the OKdo E1 evaluation board work with J-Link, it is required to solder connections to the board.
To use SWD, the following is required:

  • As marked in the picture above:
    • Solder a cable in front or behind the resistor R308 (1)(TRGT_SWDIO).
    • Solder a cable in front or behind the resistor R307 (2)(TRGT_SWCLK).
    • Solder a cable to GND (3).
    • Solder a cable to VDD (4).
  • Connect the J-Link pins to corresponding cables as listed in the table below:
    J-Link pin Board connection (as shown in the picture)
    7 (SWDIO) 1 (TRGT_SWDIO)
    9 (SWCLK) 2 (TRGT_SWCLK)
    4 (GND) 3 (GND)
    1 (VTref) 4 (VDD)

    For more information about the J-Link interface please refer to the SEGGER homepage

  • Power the board via the DEBUG USB port.
  • Verify the Connection with e.g. J-Link Commander. The output should look as follows:
    OKdo E1 Connect.PNG

Example Project

The following example project was created with the SEGGER Embedded Studio project wizard and runs out-of-the-box on the OKdo E1 evaluation board. It is a simple Hello World sample linked into the internal flash.
File:OKdo E1 Example ES V452c.zip