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The RSL10 family from ON Semiconductor is an ultra-low-power SoC designed for use in high−performance applications focused on wearable and medical applications. The SoC features a Cortex-M3 core and supports bluetooth low energy technology and any 2.4 GHz proprietary protocol stacks, without sacrificing power consumption.

Debug Support

The J-Link support for the ONSemi RSL10 device comes without any warranty and support from SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH.

Support is provided by ON Semiconductor only. For support, please refer to: https://www.onsemi.com/PowerSolutions/ticrequest.do

On-Chip Memory Regions

The internal flash is divided into 5 different regions:

Instance Name Size (bytes) Memory region
Main Flash 393216 0x00100000 - 0x0015FFFF
Non-Volatile Record (NVR) 1 2048 0x00080000 - 0x000807FF
Non-Volatile Record (NVR) 2 2048 0x00080800 - 0x00080FFF
Non-Volatile Record (NVR) 3 2048 0x00081000 - 0x000807FF
Non-Volatile Record (NVR) 4
(Manufacturing Test)
1024 0x00081800 - 0x00080BFF

NOTE: J-Link supports the Main Flash as well as NVR1 - NVR3.


It seems like a normal reset via SYSRESETREQ & VECTRESET bit does not work properly on this device. Therefore, the J-Link software performs a specific reset which makes sure that CPU is halted right before the target application but after boot ROM.

Evaluation Boards

Example Application