Qorvo device specifics

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By default, the debug interface and flash programming ROM API of Qorvos Cortex-M4 based devices is disabled and needs to be enabled by executing a special sequence. It cannot be determine if the device is already in programming mode or not thus the DLL has to always perform the special sequence in order to make sure that flash programming always works out-of-the-box. Unfortunately, using this method, no attach is possible by default. This affects all supported Cortex-M4 based families (Qorvo GP570, GP870, UE878 and QPG6095)

Attach to a running system

In case of the target application already enables the debug interface, the DLL must not perform the special sequence but as this cannot be detected, the default behavior needs to be overwritten in this case. This can be done by using the J-Link script file below:

Please note that the J-Link Script Files are pre-compiled (*.pex) thus they neither contain plaintext nor can be modified. If you feel that you need a modified version of the script file, please get in contact with SEGGER directly (e.g. via E-Mail / forum). For further information how to use the J-Link Script File in your environment please refer to https://wiki.segger.com/Using_J-Link_Script_Files