Remote Debugging with Ozone

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Ozone can connect to a remote J-Link/J-Trace debug probe in order to debug on a remote target. When debugging remotely, the J-Link/J-Trace debug probe is connected to a remote PC via the Ethernet host interface.

Remote Debugging Over LAN

When the remote PC is on the same LAN as the PC hosting Ozone (host PC), it suffices to start a J-Link Remote Server on the remote PC and supply the IP address of the remote server within Ozone's Host Interface Dialog (instead of the IP of the J-Link / J-Trace debug probe). The Host Interface Dialog is accessible via Ozone menu path Tools->J-Link Settings->Host Interface. Note that J-Link Remote Server V6.53b and later also supports encrypted connections.

Remote Debugging Over The Internet

When the remote PC is not on the same LAN as the host PC, an intermediary tunnel server at SEGGER can be used to be mediate a connection for remote debugging. Both Ozone and the J-Link Remote Server then connect to this tunnel server instead of connecting to each other directly.

J-Link Remote Server in tunnel mode.

For remote debugging via the J-Link Tunnel Server, the IP address field of Ozone's Host Interface Dialog expects a tunnel server credential of the form:



Argument Description
Probe Either the serial number or nickname of the J-Link / J-Trace to connect to
Password Password that was used when the J-Link / J-Trace debug probe was registered with the Remote Server
Server Address or hostname of the tunnel server. For use when a tunnel server other than the SEGGER default tunnel server (, port 19020) is used.

The short credential variant tunnel:<Probe> can be used when the connection is to be established to the default J-Link Tunnel Server and is not passwort-protected. When debugging via the tunnel server, make sure that port 19020 is not blocked by a firewall.


Input Description J-Link was registered by S/N, with a password, at J-Link was registered by Name, without a password, at
tunnel:600100000:MyPassword123 J-Link was registered by S/N, with a password, at the SEGGER default tunnel server