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Renesas HEW is a Visual Studio style IDE from Renesas for debugging applications on RX based devices. HEW comes with a sample project generator which allows creating projects in a simple way.

Since J-Link is fully compatible to the Renesas E1 emulator, all features supported by the IDE + E1 can also be used with J-Link. Furthermore using J-Link allows to make use of J-Link features like the unlimited breakpoints in flash. J-Link has been successfully tested with the Renesas HEW.

Renesas HEW does not come with native J-Link support. So a one-time setup is required to get up and running with J-Link and Renesas HEW. A detailed step-by-step description of this setup is given here.

The following steps explain how to configure a project to be used with J-Link.

  • Open the project to configure
  • Click Debug | Debug Settings from the main menu
  • Make sure that Segger J-Link is configured as target

Renesas HEW Tutorial 1.png

  • Make sure that the appropriate target MCU & Device is selected

Renesas HEW Tutorial 2.png

  • Switch to the Startup and Communication tab and make sure that proper settings are configured

Renesas HEW Tutorial 3.png

  • Now the project is ready to be debugged with J-Link.

Renesas HEW Tutorial 4.png