Renesas RA4M3

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Minimum requirements

The Renesas RA4M3 series devices requires special handling for the TrustZone partition registers of the MCU. This requires certain HW support which is not provided by older J-Link models. The following table lists the minimum J-Link HW version needed to support this MCU.

  • J-Link-OB-S124
  • J-Link BASE V10
  • J-Link PLUS V10
  • J-Link ULTRA+ V4
  • J-Link PRO V4
  • J-Link WiFi V1
  • J-Trace PRO V2 Cortex-M
  • J-Trace PRO V2 Cortex

Later versions (e.g. V10 is listed and current HW is V11) will also work.

Note: Models which are not listed here do not support this MCU.


Internal option-setting memory

Option-settings memory is located at 0x0100A100 has a size of 512 Bytes.

Internal program flash

The size of the program flash is dependent on the device used.

Device Size (KiB) Memory region
R7FA4M3AD 512 0x00000000 - 0x0007FFFF
R7FA4M3AE 768 0x00000000 - 0x000CFFFF
R7FA4M3AF 1024 0x00000000 - 0x000FFFFF
Currently only single bank flash operations are supported. Dual bank mode is not supported.

Internal data flash

Internal data flash is located at 0x08000000 has a size of 8 KB.

External QSPI flash

External QSPI flash is located at 0x60000000.

Supported pin configurations

  • CLK@P305_nCS@P306_D0@P307_D1@P503_D2@P104_D3@P505 (default)
  • CLK@P500_nCS@P501_D0@P502_D1@P503_D2@P504_D3@P505
  • CLK@P305_nCS@P306_D0@P307_D1@P308_D2@P309_D3@P310

Other pin configurations are available on request. In such cases, please get in touch with SEGGER directly via our support system: