Renesas RA6E2

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The Renesas RA6E2 family are Cortex-M33 based microcontrollers.


Flash Bank Base address Size J-Link Support
Option-setting memory 0x0100A100 Up to 512 B YES.png
Program flash 0x00000000 Up to 256 KB YES.png
Data flash 0x08000000 Up to 4 KB YES.png
QSPI flash 0x60000000 Up to 64 MB YES.png

Debug Authentication

The RA6E2 family supports different authentication levels. Depending on the authentication level, debug access can be granted if the correct key is passed. How this is possible is described below.

Specifying the authentication code using J-Link Command String

This is the recommended method as the specified authentication key will be used for the whole session. This way, the key must not specified multiple times (e.g. if a reset is performed). The J-Link Command String needs to be passed to the J-Link DLL before establishing the target connection. The J-Link Command String SetCPUConnectIDCode <AuthKey> has to be used (see example below).

Example authentication key:

  • AuthenticationKey0: 0x01234567
  • AuthenticationKey1: 0x89ABCDEF
  • AuthenticationKey2: 0x00224466
  • AuthenticationKey3: 0x88AABBCC
 exec SetCPUConnectIDCODE 67452301EFCDAB8966442200CCBBAA88

Specifying the authentication code using the ID Code dialog

If the authentication key has not been specified using the Command String although it is required to enable debug access, the following message box will pop up which allows specifying the authentication key.

JLink RZT2M AuthenticationDialog.png


  • The devices uses normal Cortex-M reset, no special handling necessary, like described here.

Evaluation Boards

Example Application