Renesas RA6T1

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The Renesas RA6T1 series are microcontrollers based on Cortex-M4.

Internal flash

The internal flash can have a maximum size of 520KB.

Supported Regions

The internal flash is divided into 3 different regions:

  • Program flash (0x00000000 up to 0x00080000)
  • Data flash (0x40100000 up to 0x40102000)
  • Option-setting memory (0x0100A150 - 0x0100A16F). Please note that the full 32 bytes must be provided in the data file for the option-setting memory when using Flasher's stand-alone mode. Gaps are not allowed.

Evaluation Boards

For further information regarding available EvalBoards as well as the flash algorithm, please refer to the following page: