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This article covers the Renesas RE01 device family.


QSPI support

The Renesas RE01 device series comes with a QUADSPI controller which allows memory mapped read accesses to any (Q)SPI flash, connected to the Quad-SPI interface of the MCU. This allows the J-Link DLL to support flash programming through the Quad-SPI interface. Unfortunately, there is no generic way how to implement flash programming because the pins used to connect the SPI flash are not defined. Different pins can be used for the same QUADSPI alternate function and therefore, for each configuration, a slightly different RAMCode (different pin initialization / flash size) is required. We have developed a flash algorithm based on the Renesas Evaluation Kit RE01 1500KB. This flash algorithm can be used to to program any common (Q)SPI flash, connected to the Quad-SPI interface of the RE01 device. If a pin configuration different from the one used in the example flash algorithm is required, please get in touch with SEGGER directly via our support system:

For further information regarding this as well as the flash algorithm, please refer to the following pages: