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This article describes device specifics of the ST STM32L1 series devices. The STM32L1 devices are Cortex-M3 based low power MCUs.


The following flash regions are supported by J-Link.

Device Range Total size
Main flash memory
STM32L1xxx6 0x0800_0000 - 0x0800_7FFF 32 KB
STM32L1xxx8 0x0800_0000 - 0x0800_FFFF 64 KB
STM32L1xxxB 0x0800_0000 - 0x0801_FFFF 128 KB
STM32L1xxxC 0x0800_0000 - 0x0803_FFFF 256 KB
STM32L1xxxD 0x0800_0000 - 0x0805_FFFF 384 KB
STM32L1xxxE 0x0800_0000 - 0x0807_FFFF 512 KB


For the STM32L1 devices, the Cortex-M default reset strategy is used.

Debug specific

Please refer to the generic STM32 article.

Option byte programming

Direct option byte programming is not (yet) implemented for the ST STM32L1.
However, the same method used to lock/unlock the devices as described in the generic STM32 article can be used to change any other option byte (see table in article).

Securing/unsecuring the device

Please refer to the generic STM32 article.