Set User-dependent J-Link connection in Embedded Studio

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When working out of a shared repository and a shared Embedded Studio project with different debug probes it can be helpful to have a shared generic Embedded Studio project and be able to set the debug probe connection locally without impacting the shared resources. The following article will show how this can be achieved with Embedded Studio.


This functionality is available with:

  • Embedded Studio V4.52 or later
  • J-Link software V6.70a or later

How to Setup

This setup assumes the following:

  • You have two or more different J-Link probes with an Ethernet port e.g. J-Link PRO and this J-Links are connected to your local network via Ethernet
  • You have multiple host PCs that should utilize a specific J-Link that is connected to the local network
  • You have a shared Embedded Studio project from e.g. a repository and you want to keep that project as generic as possible across multiple host PCs

If the setup assumptions fit your wanted setup, the following steps will explain how such a setup can be created:

  1. Open Embedded Studio and your shared project
  2. Now go to your project settings to the Host Connection and set it to: IP $(IPJLINK)
  3. Save this project changes in your shared project if needed (depends on how you are sharing your project)
  4. Now we need to create that macro used here on your local machine
  5. Go to Tools->Options->Building->Global Macros
  6. Add a line e.g. IPJLINK=<Your J-Links IP address> (e.g.
  7. Click OK to save the macro
  8. This macro is now locally available on your host PC only and $(IPJLINK) will now expand to your global macro and you can connect to your specified J-Link in your network
  9. Repeat steps 4-6 on all your host PCs for the different J-Links

Note: The global macro may also be set to the J-Link serial number with IPJLINK=<serial> where "serial" is the serial number of the J-Link you are using.