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Our most advanced debug probes J-Link PRO and J-Trace PRO come with a gigabit Ethernet interface. It can be used for remote access to the debug probe and in the case of the J-Trace also for tracing. How to enable the Ethernet functionality is described in the following article. As a prerequisite the J-Link software and documentation package is required which can be downloaded here.

Setting up with a router (DHCP)

When using a router with DHCP mode enabled setting up the Ethernet connection is rather simple.

  • Connect both the host PC and the J-Link/J-Trace debug probe via Ethernet to the router.
  • Now simply wait until the router assigns a IP to both devices.
  • Check the IP status of the debug probe using J-Link Commander or J-Link Configurator.
Assigned IP address shown in Commander

To connect to the debug probe over IP type: IP <Assigned IP address>

Setting up direct connection without DHCP to the host PC's Ethernet interface

When no router with DHCP is available you can still configure your debug probe and host PC to connect to each other via Ethernet. To do that additional steps are required. The following example guide will show a step by step configuration on a Windows system. For Linux and or Mac the principle stays the same but other steps might be required. Other ways of setting the debug probe IP address manually can be found in the J-Link user manual (UM08001_JLink).

  • Connect the J-Link/J-Trace debug probe to your host PC via USB.
  • Open the J-Link Configurator (JLinkConfig.exe) from the J-Link software installation folder.
  • Set the IP address to an available address in your local network e.g. where abc and xyz are free to choose from 0 up to 255 and the subnet mask to
Setting manual IP address in Configurator
  • Now go to your network adapter folder and right click the Ethernet adapter that is to be used for this setup and open the properties.
Open network adapter properties
  • In the properties menu open "Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)" settings.
Open TCP/IPv4 settings
  • Select "Use the following IP address:" and set the IP address to the same subnet as the J-Link/J-Trace before.
  • In this example to where xyz must be another value than the one chosen for the debug probe and abc must be chosen the same as before, subnet mask is again
Set manual IP address for host Ethernet adapter
  • After everything is set up correct the debug probe should show up in the J-Link Configurator connected via USB and TCP/IP.
Configurator listing after correct setup
  • To test the IP connection J-Link Commander from the J-Link software install folder can be used, to connect simply type: IP <Assigned IP address> and press enter.
Successful connection over IP