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All shipped embOS projects use the embOS libraries instead of the embOS source code. Even the embOS source code shipment does not include any project which uses embOS sources.

embOS library project

In some situations it can be useful to have the embOS sources instead of the embOS library in a project, e.g. for easier debugging. To do so you just have to exclude or delete the embOS library from your project and add the embOS sources.

The embOS sources consists of the files in the folder /GenOSSrc, /CPU and /CPU/OSSrcCPU. These files can be found in the embOS source shipment.

embOS source code shipment

Please add the folders /GenOSSrc, /CPU and /CPU/OSSrcCPU to your project and add all according C and assembler files.

embOS source code project

Add include paths to /CPU and /GenOSSrc to your project settings. For some embOS ports it might be necessary to add additional defines to your preprocessor settings. If necessary you will find more information about it in the CPU and compiler-specific embOS manual.

Preprocessor settings

You can now rebuild the project with the embOS sources:

Rebuild source code project