SparkFun MicroMod RP2040

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SparkFun MicroMod RP2040 with carrier board (RP2040)

The SparkFun MicroMod RP2040 is a Raspberry Pi RP2040 evaluation board.

Features (selection)

  • RP2040 MCU
  • 16MB on board QSPI flash
  • USB-C
  • On board LED
  • 30 I/O pins
  • Cortex-M 9-Pin external debug connector

For further information please refer to the SparkFun MicroMod RP2040 web page.

Setting up with J-Link

The SparkFun MicroMod RP2040 can be placed on a SparkFun MicroMod ATP Carrier Board. This carrier board comes with a Cortex-M 9-pin debug header
Note: For a all J-Link models, the SEGGER Cortex-M 9-Pin Adapter can be used for the SparkFun MicroMod ATP Carrier Board (except for J-Link EDU mini, which comes with a Cortex-M 9-Pin debug interface itself).

Example Projects

To run the following example projects the following prerequisites need to be met:

QSPI Projects