TMPM46BF10FG Evaluation Board

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The Toshiba TMPM46BF10FG Evaluation Board (TMPM46BF10FG MCU on it) can not be used out-of-the-box with J-Link for two reasons:

  • The 19-pin cortex-m connector is not populated
  • The on-board debugger drives the debug interface signals

However, below is a small instruction of which steps needs to be done, to be able to use the board with J-Link.

  • Populate the 19-pin Cortex-M connector (CN2)
  • Close jumper bridge DAPBOOT (CN14) to make sure that the on-board debugger is halted in reset

Flash programming support including the Unlimited Breakpoints in flash feature has been added in V5.11b of the J-Link software and documentation package. So any version >= V5.11b comes with full debug / flash programming support.