Update the J-Link DLL

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Update the J-Link DLL

Software which uses the J-Link DLL to include J-Link support (e.g. IDEs) usually come with their own version of the J-Link DLL. On the one hand, this gives users a good out-of-the-box experience because they do not have to install the J-Link software package manually. On the other hand, support for new devices will not be automatically available in such applications but the J-Link DLL needs to be updated manually.

J-Link DLL Updater

  1. Close all J-Link related applications (such as IDEs with J-Link integration)
  2. Download the latest version of the J-Link software
  3. Run the installer
    At the end of the installation process, the J-Link DLL Updater will pop up
  4. Update the J-Link DLL used by your application using the J-Link DLL Updater

The generic way