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UART Recorder

SystemView supports UART as recorder type. This makes it possible to record events with SystemView using a UART interface (e.g. a RS232 connector).

Configuring SystemView

In order to use the UART recorder inside SystemView...

  • Press [Alt] + [Return] or go to Target --> Recorder Configuration
    SystemView RecorderConfig.png
  • In the new dialog, choose UART and click '''OK'''
    SystemView UARTRecorder.png
  • In the new configuration dialog, select the COM port that your target's UART interface is connected to and set a baudrate
    SystemView UARTConfig.png
  • Click [OK]
  • Now recording via UART can be started by pressing [F5]

Configuring the target application

For a reference showing how to configure SystemView on the target-side, we recommend to take a look at the source code of the sample project below.

Sample project

For a sample Embedded Studio project, refer to the following .zip archive:

SystemView UART Sample running on a STM32F407

Note: The above project was tested with the following setup:

Target device STM32F407VET6
Baudrate 500000 Bd
SystemView version V3.10 PRO
Embedded Studio version V4.30